Sep 3, 2018

Registrations for the 10th IMMORUN are close

Registrations for the 10th IMMORUN are close

IMMOBEL and IMMORUN are thrilled to announce that we are sold out, therefore the registrations for the 10th edition are close - you can still subscribe to the waiting list.

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400 teams are set to race the 20th of septembre through the forest of the Tervuren park, if you want to get in shape and start training before this year's edition, come join the collective training session that will take place on September 6th at 6pm, at Tervuren Park. You will get the opportunity to discover the trail and get trained by a professional coach - SIGN UP

Regarding the D-day and in order to preserve the environment, we strongly advise you to carshare to get to the departure’s location! The more the car will be filled, the closer you will be able to park to the village - more info soon.
For those who want to take it a step further, you could always come by public transport and be even more eco-responsible.

We have been working hard with all our sponsors to make IMMORUN 2018 an unforgettable experience. Hope to see you at Tervuren Park on September 20th (and on September 6th if you want to get a chance to win this year’s edition)!

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