May 4, 2020



Immorun is postponed to 2021... physically only!

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We have thought a lot about the future of Immorun in the light of the current situation. Due to the crisis we are all going through and the lack of certainty about the sustainability of the event, we have decided to move it until 2021, at least in physically terms.

Since we attach great importance to Immorun and the values it conveys within companies, we came up with the idea of turning the 2020 edition into a one-month virtual challenge through the atlasGO platform.

We also wanted to highlight solidarity in these times and help a good cause, which is why half of all registrations will be directly donated to two associations : Fondation Saint-Luc and SPORT2BE.



  • Duration: 1 month, from September 1st to September 30th
  • Teams of 3 colleagues from the same company. 
  • First objective: To collectively reach the circumference of the earth, i.e. 40,000 km. The covid19 has no borders, we want to accomplish this symbolic act together.
  • Second objective: To run the longest distance in one month as a team.
  • Half of the cost of each entry will be directly donated to the two non-profits Sport2Be and Fondation Saint-Luc.
  • Ranking by categories (men, women, mixed), by companies.
  • Each runner will have access to a personal space in the app, which will allow him/her to see the number of kilometres covered and to share a "Sweaty Selfie" at the end of each running session.
  • Runners will therefore be alone to run, but will share the same team, the same motivation and will have the opportunity to encourage each other directly through the app by sending each other "high fives".


Register now and share special moments with your colleagues ! 

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