Jun 30, 2020

More accessible for all !


Changes for the better !

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Dear Immo Runners, 

As you know, Immorun Belgium 2020 will take place in a virtual way, through the atlasGO platform. We have given a lot of thought over the last few months to how to set it up and have also had the hope of being able to organise the event in real life. Given the still unclear situation we find ourselves in, we have decided to maintain the virtual edition, in order to ensure the continuity of Immorun. 

Nevertheless, we have rethought certain aspects of the challenge in order to make it more accessible in every sense of the word. 
The price has therefore been revised and set at 20€ per person (60€ per team). Of this entry fee, 30€ will directly be donated to Fondation Saint-Luc and SPORT2BE

The objective of the challenge has also been revised to allow everyone to have their own goal to achieve. Each team will have to cover 150km in one month, which you divide up as you wish. A ranking will also be available in order to observe the evolution of the performances of all the participants! 

For each team completing the challenge, a great surprise goodie will await you at the 2021 physical edition of Immorun, to congratulate you for your effort !

We thank you for your trust and count on you to share this event as much as possible around you in order to maximize the charitable impact it will have. 


  • Duration: 1 month, from September 1st to September 30th
  • Teams of 3 colleagues from the same company. 
  • Objective : Run 150 km in a month with your team (together or separately).
  • Half of the cost of each entry will be directly donated to the two non-profits Sport2Be and Fondation Saint-Luc.
  • Ranking by categories (individual, team, company). Available on the dashboard of the event, allows a visibility of your company. 
  • Each runner will have access to a personal space in the app, which will allow him/her to see the number of kilometres covered and to share a "Sweaty Selfie" at the end of each running session.
  • Runners will therefore be alone to run, but will share the same team, the same motivation and will have the opportunity to encourage each other directly through the app by sending each other "high fives".

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