Aug 17, 2020

Registration closing tomorrow


This is your last chance to register to this unique experience! 

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Posted by: savanah

Dear Immo Runners, 


You have only two days left to register to Immorun Digital, a unique challenge that will take place only once. Wait no more and register here now !


With this challenge, you support two causes that matter (Sport2Be and Fondation Saint-Luc) and access to a month-long run with your colleagues and other real estate companies. 


Fun contests, sharing, sports and solidarity, these are the key words of this very special edition of Immorun. This challenge will bring you the dose of freedom and the amount of personal interaction that everyone needs at this time


By participating in this virtual edition, you allow us to ensure a future for Immorun and contribute to keeping it in physics next year. The challenge will start on September 1st and the weather will be more pleasant than it is now, it will be the perfect moment to get back to running after the heat wave! 


Ready to register ? 

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