How to register :


1)   Designate one person to be responsible for signing up the company.


2)   This person will be taking care of signing up teams, ordering extra walking dinners


4)   This person must then fill in the company’s billing details, to validate the General Terms and Conditions and confirm its order.


5)   A confirmation email will be sent out


6)   You can fill directly your team or later via the link in the confirmation email. Please be aware: incomplete teams will be disqualified.


7) If, at a later stage, you would like to sign up new teams or supplementary walking dinners, you will need to make a new order and solicit a new invoice.


Don't forget to fill in the names of the participants of your team here once your registration is done, otherwise your registration will not be taken into account.



You can still fill in the form below and we will put you on the waiting list

In the case the form above is not displayed, please follow this link or contact  

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