Sep 18, 2018

Limited parking near Immorun Village


Limited parking spots near the Immorun Village

 How to get to the running course?

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  • Bicycle: Take your bike to get some fresh air before the race and to cool down afterwards. We will provide a bike parking next to the Village.
  • Public transports: There are a lot of possibilities to get to the Tervuren Parc from Brussels and the periphery, the location is well served (Mobility Point). 
  • Carsharing: Enjoy sharing your car with your colleagues. We booked the best parking spots for you. From 3 passengers, you will be able to park your car for free! For the others, there is a parking of 350 places available in Sterrebeek with a straight shuttle.
  • Uber: You can also take an Uber... we will offer a promo code of 10€ for your first ride by using the code IR2018. This promo code is available from the 11th until the 20th of September.

More info about the Mobility Point

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