Jul 29, 2020

Physical distance vs social distance


In these special times, feeling isolated can be hard. Immorun is there to show that physical distancing doesn't mean social distancing. 

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Posted by: savanah

During such a special time, we can easily feel isolated. The words "physical distance" and "social distance" are easily correlated, but one does'nt necessarily lead to the other. With today's technology, social distance can easily be countered: video chat, social networks, we know how to be connected to whomever we want without being physically close.

With Immorun Digital, this is the aspect we want to highlight. Since today's work relationships are physically limited and are sometimes reduced to simple conference calls, participating in a virtual event that brings together various companies seems important to us. With Immorun Digital, you will be able to share in real time, while practicing an outside activity, with your colleagues and other professionals in the real estate field.

Everything will be put in place for the most interactive experience possible, through additional challenges spread throughout the competition. Whether it's the best post-race selfie, the most original selfie or the most liked photo, the competition will only be a pretext to spend time together in an innovative way, while respecting the health rules in force.

Register before August 18th and join this unique event !


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