Sep 29, 2020

Last Moments !

Last moments!

We are living the last moments of this very special edition of Immorun ! 

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Posted by: savanah
This digital edition of Immorun will close tomorrow night. We wil then share with you the final ranking of the challenge. 
Congratulations to all our runners, at this point, 36 teams have reached the goal of running 150 km !
See you tomorrow for the final ranking!
1️⃣ NEY & Partners 1 - 1126.99 km
2️⃣ Adfinity Real Estate - 889.24 km
3️⃣ Régie des Bâtiments 4 - 857.09 km
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Tip of the Day

"When training, always follow The Golden Rules… Progression, Regularity, Stress & Recovery, Diversity, and Listen to your body".