Sep 8, 2020

Run your way !

Run your way !

Try to win 3 TraKKs vouchers ! 

Category: Immorun
Posted by: savanah
This week, TraKKs allows us to make you win 3 vouchers of 60€ !
The team that will have managed to make the most original race track will leave with this great lot!
Form a heart, write TraKKs, draw the Immorun runner... Be creative!
For this challenge, you will have to run through a third party application (Strava, Garmin or FitBit) in order to get the track of your run! Then synchronize it on atlasGO and you're done! 
Find the equipment you need on <img src="" alt="
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Tip of the Day

"When training, always follow The Golden Rules… Progression, Regularity, Stress & Recovery, Diversity, and Listen to your body".