​​Get ready for IMMORUN 2024 Challenge

We know you can’t wait for our epic event, so this year we’ve come up with a special surprise to make the excitement last longer!

Train & raise money for a good cause

It’s all possible thanks to our new app teroGO. Join us on the app for a month-long virtual challenge from August 5 in which every physical activity you log will help unlock a donation of €5,000 to Sport2Be, a national sports charity whose mission is to facilitate access to sport for underprivileged children !

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a wellness newbie or somewhere in between, this challenge is designed to empower you, inspire you, help you achieve your personal goals and have fun!  It’s also a great opportunity to train with your team and meet or get to know people from other companies taking part in the IMMORUN.

Don’t hesitate to invite your colleagues, even if they are not registered in IMMORUN, they are welcome to join the virtual challenge and help us raise money for Sport2Be!

Here’s what you can expect as part of the challenge

  • Fun and engaging Feed Post photos of your activities, give high-fives to encourage the other participants, comment and chat with members of your company.
  • Log all your activities Every activity you track earns you points and gets us closer to your community goal.  Track your activities in 3 ways: live GPS tracking from the app, manual entry, or integration with Apple Health, Strava, Garmin and Fitbit.
  • Join a friendly competition and track your progress Check out the podium and challenge the other participants and companies. Track your progress by checking your profile.
  • Organize sports outings with your colleagues They’ll earn you even more points! IMMORUN is all about team building and networking.

How to join?

*If you don’t find your company in the list, join the “Other” group and contact support, we’ll add your company and transfer you.

Still have questions? Discover our FAQ’s about the teroGO Challenge.